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Top-5 MT4 MT5 White Label Solutions 2021


Brokers get highly functional software, being ready for a jumpstart on the Forex market. For instance, the highest number of suggested orders, timeframes, and available tools makes these platforms the-road-to-success decisions. The Meta Trader 5 platform makes it possible for traders to build up custom advisors and indicators and leverage up to 100 indicators simultaneously. When looking for a business idea, it has to be solid, more especially if you are going online. There is an increased demand for online services, meaning that your chances of succeeding in an online business are great. We’ll explore the benefits that will guide your decision to determine if this option is ideal.

We configure all systems and offer round-the-clock support for the entire server structure. Reputation, PR, customer trust, customer base, legal entity, trading conditions — you manage all of it yourself. Before running to the first, cheapest offer on the table, be sure to consider all the above elements and be sure you’re getting the best price to value ratio. After all, succeeding brokerages DO exist, and not all of them started out with a substantial investment behind them.

Forex Social Trading Platform

You would not expect to become a successful brain surgeon without first going to medical school and practicing on a lot of animals, right? Before you decide to start your own, make sure that you have some type of experience or education that can act as the foundation upon which you’ll build your empire. Broker-neutral forex white label solutions technology firm FlexTrade Systems’ FlexONE solution has once again emerged top among the best buy-side execution management systems. You won’t have to fear putting yourself in danger of losing most of your income. It removes the risk of creating and developing your platform and entire trading operation necessities.

You are likely to attract more customers than other brokerage companies that are developing their own platforms. Firms Providing Forex Tools or Advisory Services – There is a plethora of firms offering tools related to foreign exchange that can be great complements to a successful white label offering. Whether it be companies that provide trading signals to their clients, trading chat rooms, or EAs , giving their clients access to a branded platform to trade currencies might boost the companies’ revenues exponentially.

Who are the perfect candidates to run a white label business in FX?

They can purchase software from a development company and deploy their own platform, adjusting it to their individual needs. According to statistics, 85% of beginner brokers prefer the second way. Whereas the traders cannot access the market directly, they should select brokerage companies, empowering them with the ability to sell and buy currencies worldwide. Beginning entrepreneurs save their costs by utilizing the White Label trade platform and forgoing the need to buy the product. New participants benefit from a top-notch trading platform that gives them a chance to build their own brands. A brokerage firm takes care of its partners, working to resolve issues and identify the best course of action at every turn.

best forex white label solutions

Gain easy access to the Forex Market at an affordable price with our Forex White Label solutions. If they are not listening and patient now, they sure won’t be going ahead. Forex, CFD, and cryptocurrency liquidity with a wide range of trading tools.

Reliable companies unlock access to their advanced technologies and products, implement all the components to make them function as one mechanism. B2Broker has recently won an industry award as the best White Label Multi-Asset Liquidity Platform of 2023. White label solutions take care of the technical side of things, and this provides the new brokerage with the time and freedom to focus on building a prosperous and stable business. There are many ways to initiate customer interest and generate leads for your forex brokerage. If you’re looking to open your own White-Label Forex brokerage with as little hassle as possible, finding a WL provider with an “all-in-one” package will save you time and effort, and may even cut your costs along the way.

One-stop Solution for all your Forex Needs

For example, if you’re looking for Forex broker turnkey solutions including all the stages, including creating the company from the ground up, you’re looking at a heavy chunk of change. The difference between the newbies and the long-timers of the Forex brokerage solutions world is that many young companies believe that a good server is more than enough to suffice their business’ trading platform setup. Connect the migration tools to transfer MT4 accounts to other trading platforms and vice versa.

best forex white label solutions

The ability to view and manage the business in real-time through a comprehensive client portal. This gives the broker access to customer accounts and allows for the broker to monitor trading and access reports on-demand, providing complete transparency in the business. Ready-made integrations which involve a multi-level Introducing Broker solution, single-level IB solutions, PAMM and social trading platform, trader’s dashboard and room, payment gateways, and cryptocurrency payment gateways. There are several reputable platforms available nowadays that can offer you great deals for using a forex white label. However, if you step into the uncharted territory of the internet broker industry, you’ll want to own the clients who will support the development of your brand. Additionally, you’ll target traders who currently have accounts and desire to open new accounts with you.

InvestCloud launches front-to-back single solution for advisors and wealth managers

Fortunately, there is the golden middle – get a White Label Forex company, partnering with reliable providers of FX technologies. There could be additional charges based on the additional brokerage software and tools you go with. Do check the additional costs with your brokerage solution provider in advance to avoid any unnecessary surprises in the future. HFM uses a joint review process to help with the structuring of products that target every white label’s client base. This helps to establish a framework for customer support services and assists with their initial launch.

We have developed an advanced PAMM Software which is being used by more than a hundred small and big Forex Brokers. The Leverate Company provides packages to more recently established brokers, containing Meta Trader 4. This type of innovative and well-sought-after trading platform is available in the LX Lite and LX Suite packages, which also provide business owners with legal aspects and liquidity. The Sirix trading platform provides all these enhancements and features for traders’ needs, at a more affordable cost than the customary dinosaur platforms.

With a white label partnership, your company can benefit from the established brand’s experience while still maintaining control over your own product and customer service. MetaTrader is one of the world’s most advanced and popular trading platforms. It is completely stable and easy to use with different features for trading and technical analysis. With a White Label, there is no need to purchase a new Full MetaTrader 5 license. All the above infrastructures have already been in place and you can right away use them for your business. The end-users like forex traders get access to the advanced forex software and tools at a very low cost.

  • One of the reasons why the forex white label is very popular is that it is cost-effective.
  • It gives brokers a straightforward solution whereby they can empower their traders with an improved interface.
  • Accounts based on any currency from the liquidity list with up to 2 decimals precision.
  • Each piece of software may not cost that much, but it can add up to large sums.
  • You don’t need prior experience in the lottery business to start yours today.

Use FXLite plugins for Metatrader platforms, making the software entirely tailored to your needs. Virtual Dealer, Anti Scalper, and other plugins are designed to be implemented on MT White Label Solutions. The company offers a branded trading platform with the back office and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Furthermore, Leverate guarantees clients 24/7 support, getting access to a personal manager.

What is White Label MetaTrader 4?

If they live in the United States, you will also fall under the aforementioned NFA/CFTC umbrella. Consequently, if you opt for the typically wiser solution of establishing your FX business outside of the US, you will need to forgo US-based clients altogether. A failure to heed to this advice is one of the main reasons white label organizations eventually fail.

That is why it is important that they make your company look like the quality operation it is. We are neither a liquidity provider nor a broker, and we never hold customer funds. All individuals/institutions seeking to register for White Label or other services must provide Know Your Customer documentation from the enterprise’s ultimate beneficiary. Having your own International Company is a prerequisite for launching your forex broker. Be it Marshall Islands, St. Vincent or even Cyprus along with Bank account.

Well established investment firms offering partnerships for tied agents, regional partners and more complex structures. On the other hand, depending on the development of your operations, maybe a forex White Label is not the immediate answer to your next steps. It most definitely must be in your plans, but maybe after strengthening the core of your business in order to handle the costs and requirements . Like always, at allFX-Consult we tend to look into compromises that keep costs low but at the same time promote growth and reach milestones that will eventually lead to a predetermined target.

The Forex Market as a Fertile Ground for Newer Businesses

If you’re looking to open your own forex brokerage, you’ll need to finance properly. As mentioned, the white label solution will typically be the most cost-efficient solution which also mitigates the headaches and hassle that can come along the way. Brokers get fully functional and individually branded trading platforms with customized settings . Automated execution of A-book and B-book orders, a string of available instruments, low and transparent pricing, advanced instruments to maintain your business in the Forex Premier League.

Forex Digital Marketing Packs

One of the most common traps that upcoming broker companies fall for when choosing a trading platform is settling for popularity. There are a few platforms out there that, over the years have established themselves as the “go-to” platform for Forex traders. These platforms are steady and reliable, yes, but we suggest you don’t be lazy when choosing a trading platform.

Forex Signals Distribution Software helps Forex Brokers in developing a flourishing traders community wherein experienced traders help start-up traders to understand the ropes of forex trading and become profitable. PAMM stands for Percentage Allocation Management Module is another popular tool among the forex trading community. It helps Forex Brokers to run Mutual Fund like system wherein traders to connect with star traders who are skilled in making money. They deposit the funds with the master trader who makes the trades for a fee. Investors could see the trades but can’t control the entry, exit, price, quantity, etc. The profit and losses are calculated and distributed periodically as per pre-decided terms.

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